Can You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

Posted by OnlineWrite on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Many women ask their hairdresser if it is permissible to make a color during pregnancy. The opinion of our expert Jochen Vanhoudt.

The question of getting stained during pregnancy creates controversy. Some gynecologists allow it, others forbid it. In reality, it is the composition of the product that counts. Ammonia-based stains are not recommended, without being totally prohibited. For pregnant women or others, our hairdresser always recommends organic coloring or 100% vegetable origin .

For your color during pregnancy, choose organic

Conventional coloring products that contain ammonia present two major dangers: by touching the skin, they can pass into the blood. And toxins released into the air and breathed are harmful to the lungs. During pregnancy, therefore prefer the coloring of organic origin, safe for the pregnant woman . Our hairdresser Jochen advocates Colorinsider of the Matrix brand. In terms of price, the difference between organic and classic stains is not huge.

Colors with plant extracts

The vegetable colors allow to work only with extracts of plants, herbs and henna. This kind of coloring is even healthier than organic stains. The hair product creates a shield around the hair without attacking it. You can get complete and consistent coverage of the hair mass. Thanks to vegetable dyes, you can also create a darkening effect or tone on tone . Here, our expert recommends EOS Wella products, which are however more expensive than the usual hair dyes.

Your classic dye during pregnancy

If you prefer the traditional coloring, opt for a scan because in this way, the product, spread over the length of the hair, does not come into contact with the scalp. This is the only rule to keep in mind for vitreous staining during pregnancy. Whether you do it at a hairdresser or at home, always make sure that the product does not come in contact with the skin and does not breathe the toxic fumes of chemicals.

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