How To Tell If A Girl Likes You?

Posted by OnlineWrite on Saturday, July 28, 2018

How to know if a girl is in love? The signs that do not deceive: we would like to know them! These signs that tell us that 100% is won, whatever we do.And here, more mystery in the relations between men and women once we know how to read these signs!

Generally, unless you are really in love with yourself, recognize that as long as you have not kissed this girl, you can not know if she really wants you. There are signs that show that it is on track: the IOI, the indicators of interest .

But what to do when one is blind or persists in speaking a different language?

Worse still: how to unmask a girl secretly attracted by your charms? not to be confused with how to seduce a woman. Answer in 9 winning points.

If you are new to human relations, you may be uncomfortable with the signs to know if she is in love.

All your friends see it, this girl pinches it for you, but you, you do not see these famous signs of interest, you do not see her amorous eyes, you do not see the emotion that emerges from her and his gestures.

I know that many of you would like to know if a girl is interested in iphone, texting, not whatsapp or any email, but this article will focus on the signals that women send when they are in love or interested in you. Physical signals, all the language of the body!

Check out these 9 "proofs of love" … or at least these 9 indicators of interest that should help you move forward with this girl before making your declaration of love!

1 / The physical proximity:

"She says nothing, but she thinks no less . " She always sits near you in class? She dances right behind you, you move away a little, she shifts too? You go to the bar, she goes there too with her friends two minutes later.

When bodies are attracted, they sometimes speak much more than words …

True story: one day on the train, we were 8 people in a compartment and this girl was devouring me the look. After an hour of conversation, I decide to do a test: I'll pretend to call in the hall, if it follows me, it's won.

Two minutes later, she too came to pretend to make a call. Who pretends to assemble …

2 / She laughs at everything (and especially at anything)

Tonight, she really laughs at all your jokes, even the craziest ones? We can talk about vaginal laughter in this case, a kind of animal call.

Laughing at your rotten jokes, she shows you that she is really receptive to all the words that come out of your mouth. Take the opportunity to approach your mouth … If in addition she plays with her hair, bingo!

3 / The attitudes of psychopath

Releases that happen anyhow, offensive comments from this girl you hardly know: sometimes, what looks like hatred is actually a love you do not know.

Two possibilities: it sends you huge negative signals because it does not assume to find you cool and sexy, or on the contrary it does not know at all to be positive and it is its mode of operation, the negativity, for get your attention.

4 / Awkwardness

"Sometimes he comes into my office and I start stuttering, I drop pens, I knock over my coffee: it makes me the effect, but he thinks I'm completely gourde seeing me in this state" .

These are the secrets of girls. Sometimes they are very clumsy, even shyer than us. This guy they love secretly, maybe it's up to you to see him!

5 / peripheral eyes

You have to know how to analyze the peripheral looks of girls, who may be eating your eyes. But we can not be everywhere. Having a friend or a friend to analyze these looks is better.

A bit like in police movies where guys cover each other, back to back to face the danger! Instead of being back-to-back in the evening, go head-to-head with your caller, and if you think a girl is secretly watching you, ask your wing to confirm it.

She looks a little too often towards you? It's for you or for your wing! What are you waiting for to talk to him?

6 / His activity on Facebook

She often like what you post? Do you meet her at parties where you said you would be "attending"? She's trying to talk to you about the bands you're listening to, the movies you like?

If she spends so much time spying on your Facebook, there is bound to be some eel under rock …

7 / The bonus techniques of girls

The girls bonus. Sometimes they are not hidden behind their Bitch Shields. Just ask them for leads and they give them to you.

So, two of my friends confirmed me hidden rules that work in girls. This will require you to demonstrate a fine observation.

The theory of earrings: you did not believe that peacocking was only for guys, right? The Chinese say that 70% of female beauty comes from the pageantry, that only 30% are natural.

According to my friend, the earrings of girls tend to grow and lengthen according to their interest. There, you must be observant when you meet her, to be able to compare what she wears at time T with what she will wear when you see her again. Very clear, no?

The second thing to notice is the hair: the higher the ponytail, the more the girl is available / interested by you. If you meet her with a low ponytail, and for your first appointment she wears a high ponytail, consider that there is potentially a market to take away. You will need to be an observer to detect such clues.

In general, you will note the attention she pays to her outfit and makeup: if she wants to seduce you, she will highlight all her assets, more than usual.

8 / Ask him directly

And there, under the laws of body language, you will know if she is trying to lie to you or not.


Go to her, whether you already knew her or not. Your BL must be assured, smiling: "Listen, I know you would secretly be with me . " To say with your most serious air.

Reaction 1: she explodes with laughter and answers something like, "But yes, but how did you know? You're really the best seducer in the world " or " Yes, you're absolutely right, and I'm the Queen of England "

There, obviously, you crashed and analyzed the situation badly.

Reaction 2: She is sincerely outraged: "Me? You? But it's wrong, you're completely sick? "

Again, it's a safe bet that you make a mistake with your assumptions

Reaction 3: she enters your game: "Maybe … And you can explain to me what makes you believe that? "Or" If I answer that question, it's not a secret? "

Clearly, she takes a step in your game. Guide her, she wants to be surprised, she wants you to lead the dance.

It's all about calibration. It is never easy to interpret a woman's reactions, but as usual, "practice makes perfect": it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith. Intuition will necessarily come from deceiving you from time to time.

The gestures that betray a girl in love with you

Finally, among the attitudes that betray a girl in love with you, I urge you to observe thoroughly! Observation is the key to knowing if a woman is interested in you.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of actions that betray a girl in love with you:

  • It shifts, it gives you room to let you go
  • Sometimes she makes sudden gestures, she becomes clumsy when you are nearby
  • It can happen that an interested girl becomes silent, silent because of her shyness
  • Conversely, some do everything to get noticed and talk and laugh harder
  • Generally, she shows her "erogenous" and sensitive areas, she touches them, caresses them, reveals them a little ( her neck, her wrists, plays with her hair , moistens her lips)

A girl in love with you will naturally be more oriented towards you , with a more open body language, and above all, will tend to touch you more during your jokes!

And if you want my opinion, the signal of fatal attraction, the sign of interest that proves that she is in love with you or is interested in you: at the end of your appointment, she leaves to be beautiful again toilet and comes back with fresh breath, with a chewing gum, ready to kiss you … or let yourself be kissed …

Selim, expert in hidden signals of girls