Who Owns Aston Martin?

Posted by OnlineWrite on Sunday, February 11, 2018

Who is today the owner of Aston Martin?

Ford sold the Aston Martin brand in 2006 to a consortium led by David Richards, owner of a large racing team named Prodrive.

What great athlete was a bronze medalist in skiing at the 1997 Olympic Games, two-time World Cup ski winner and Dakar winner in 2006?

Luc Alphand was a speed skier until he was 32 years old and then converted to racing. In addition to his participation in the Paris-Dakar, he has already participated several times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

What is the origin of the trident, logo symbolizing the Maserati brand?

When the Maserati family wanted to create the emblem of their car brand, Mario, one of the Maserati sons who made the fine arts, was inspired by the trident of Neptune, god of the oceans.
Mario found this idea by looking through the window of his home: he lived on the main square of Bologna where there is a fountain of Neptune.

In which country can we see rolling on every street corner American cars of the 50s?

In Cuba. Old American cars are as venerated as cigars. This shifted car park is explained in particular by the great poverty of the inhabitants who can not afford to renew their car.

In Formula 1, which records including an honorary, are held by the Ferrari team?

Ferrari is the essential team: it is the only manufacturer to have participated in all Formula 1 seasons since the first World Championship event, the Grand Prix of England in 1950.

Ferrari is also the team that has won the most titles of world champion builders: 16 titles, the last in 2008.

What has become of the Daewoo brand in France?

The Daewoo brand, owned by the American manufacturer General Motors, has been replaced in France by the Chevrolet brand. All models originally built by or for Daewoo are rebadged Chevrolet in France.

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