Why Do I Have A Headache?

Posted by OnlineWrite on Friday, August 17, 2018

A headache, headaches …

Pain, tingling, tingling, burning, crushing felt in the skull, are all qualifiers used to describe the headache .

Migraine , well known for causing headache , is not the only cause. Headache is a symptom of a multitude of other diseases …

Migraine and tension headache: two diseases

Conventionally distinguished real headache, the diagnosis is very well codified (see below), the tension headache or sore tension head (closely related to stress). These are two diseases that result in headaches and require specific care.

At the same time, the headache can also be a symptom of another condition, ranging from trauma (shock to the head) to sinusitis, to certain eye disorders.

Headache can also be a symptom of another disease

What are the conditions or diseases known to cause a headache ?

Menstruation (rules)

Physical exertion or headache during exertion

The consumption of certain food additives (flavor enhancers, preservatives)

Some medicines (calcium antagonists, nitrates …)

Certain visual disturbances (myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia)

A surge of high blood pressure


Fever regardless of its origin.

Some much rarer causes can be serious:

Acute glaucoma


Cerebral venous thrombosis (obstruction of a cerebral blood vessel)

Hypertension inside the cranial box

Head trauma

Cluster headache or headache of Horton

A brain tumor

Kidney failure

Severe anemia

Hypoxia (lack of tissue oxygenation)

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Headache: the right questions to ask yourself

In most cases, the headache is of no gravity. On the other hand, some of the conditions causing the headache are serious. It is the combination of headache with other more specific symptoms that will put the diagnosis on the track.

In addition, the characteristics of the headache will have to be described: how long has the headache lasted? What is its intensity? Is it associated with fever or vomiting? Are there visual disturbances associated? What are the impacts of this headache on the activities of daily life, work, social life?

- Evolution of headaches by recurrent seizures, separated by intervals free from any pain.

- Crises during 4 to 72 hours (without treatment).

- Headache having at least two of the following characteristics: unilateral, pulsatile, moderate or severe, aggravation by routine physical activities (eg stair climbing).

- During headache , at least one of the following: nausea and / or vomiting, photophobia (intolerance to light) and phonophobia (intolerance to noise).