Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

Cats are sadistic when dogs just want to have fun with their master. Our canine friends have an immeasurable love for us. Here are 26 things that prove that dogs are affectionate, civilized, clean, optimistic, playful and heroic … In a word, dogs are better than cats! The dog is the best friend of the man. What are cats for him? Dogs love humans. Seriously, have you ever observed the affectionate look a dog has for his master?

Can Dogs See Color?

The vision of the dog differs from that of the man by four main characteristics: Colors: Contrary to popular belief, the dog does not see black and white. His vision spectrum is just much narrower than ours. It is limited to yellow and blue for a result that is closer to a monochromatic vision than a colorful vision. Visual acuity: In dogs it is generally lower than in humans.

Why Do Dogs Howl?

Most people associate howling with the cry or call of wolves, the ancestor of the domestic dog. Howling is one of the most common noises made by a wolf, it is intimately related to them, including in folklore. Each wolf produces its own howling, allowing its identification. Wolves use howling in at least four ways to give different types of information: Howling can warn other wolves in the pack: for example, wolves howl when they are close to the limits of their territory.